As part of a project to provide psychosocial support for refugees with mental health problems, Centra offers further training to become a peer counselor. We are looking for interested participants with personal or family experience of flight or migration. The aim of the training and subsequent activities is to provide low-threshold psychosocial counseling and support for refugees with mental health problems and to refer them to the healthcare system.

The training to become a peer counselor will take place from July to October 2023 on the following dates, participation is free of charge:

 November 10 + 11, 2023
 November 17 + 18, 2023
 December 01 + 02, 2023
 15+ December 16, 2023
 January 12 + 13, 2024
 26. and January 27, 2024
 February 09 + 10, 2024
 February 23, 2024

The task of peer counselors is to provide low-threshold counseling and support for mentally stressed refugees after the training. For example, peer counselors accompany those affected in their everyday lives, provide them with low-threshold knowledge about the causes and ways of dealing with mental stress or inform them about relevant contact points in the healthcare system.

Interested parties can still apply until 03.11.23 to take part in the training from November 2023 to February 2024.

Contact: Elena Leltschuk ( and Leo Fefer (


Further information and an application form can be found here: