Our consulting and treatment services

Our focus is the qualified counseling and treatment of refugees suffering from the psychological consequences of traumatic experiences. In doing so, we involve our entire network and hold various treatment offers ourselves. All our offers are free of charge, a health insurance card or similar is not required.

Please note that we cannot provide medical or acute psychiatric treatment. However, we strive for close cooperation with the relevant contact points.

The first step: understand the situation

Counseling at Centra is always useful when there is a suspicion that psychological stress among refugees is related to traumatic experiences.

The first step for us is to adequately understand the individual situation of our clients. This is done first by means of our telephone consultation. Two days a week we also offer these in farsi/dari or arabic. If necessary, a callback can be made with voice mediation in other languages.

If, for example, acute psychiatric treatment is a priority, we provide support in finding the right contact point in advance.

If no assessment has been made so far, we record the respective needs in a cautious, resource-oriented approach in up to five sessions, make recommendations on help options and try to refer to our networks. Depending on our capacities, crisis intervention or psychotherapeutic treatment can also take place with us in individual cases.

Appointments with us

We are happy to offer you an appointment at our premises at Heidenkampsweg 97, 20097 Hamburg.
When registering, you can let us know if interpreters are needed.

Phone consultation

Upon request, we also offer our consultations by telephone. Interpreters can be called in or counseling can be provided by native-speaking staff.

Additional offers

STARK – stabilizing group therapy

STARK – Group therapy for addiction

Gentle Yoga – group offer for refugees

Information group for women

Telephone consultation

You can receive a consultation via the telephone consultation:

Monday: 2-5 pm
(in german, russian and farsi/dari)

Friday: 9-12 pm
(in german, russian and arabic)

Tel.: 040/23 20 522-22

Email: info@centra.hamburg

Centra coordinates aid for refugees from Ukraine

Centra coordinates psychosocial care for adult refugees from Ukraine in Hamburg. For this we depend on the cooperation with as many offers as possible…

Get in touch with us

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time with your enquiries. Please use the contact form or contact us in one of the other ways listed below.

Heidenkampsweg 97
20097 Hamburg

040/23 20 522-0