Additional offers

Our counseling and treatment in the individual setting is complemented by various other offers that can be used additionally or independently. In some cases, they are aimed at special target groups, such as clients with addiction problems. When it comes to group offers, these are mostly carried out in a gender- and culture-specific manner with the support of language mediators. They mainly take place on our premises in Heidenkampsweg. Like all our offers, they can be taken up free of charge. If you would like to check whether the additional offers are suitable for you or your clients, please contact the respective contact person.

Additional offers


STARK – Group therapy for addiction

Gentle yoga – group offer

Information group for women

Telephone consultation

You can receive a consultation via the telephone consultation:

Monday: 2-5 pm
(in german, russian and farsi/dari)

Friday: 9-12 pm
(in german, russian and arabic)

Tel.: 040/23 20 522-22


Centra coordinates aid for refugees from Ukraine

Centra coordinates psychosocial care for adult refugees from Ukraine in Hamburg. For this we depend on the cooperation with as many offers as possible…

Join our network!

The care of refugees with traumatic experiences can only succeed together, through the cooperation of all those who have contact with people with refugee experiences. Your competences are the basis for a growing network of help, whether you already have experience and special knowledge in dealing with affected persons or whether you want to acquire this. We look forward to welcoming you as a partner in our Hamburg network!