Refugees with disabilities are entitled to special protection. In order to be able to take into account the specific needs of people with disabilities seeking protection in accommodation, care and the asylum procedure, it is necessary for non-visible disabilities to be recognized as early as possible after arrival in Germany. The POSITION PAPER of the Network and Dialogue Forum Refugees with Disabilities deals with equal opportunities through structured identification of vulnerable refugees with disabilities, access to counseling and care, appropriate accommodation and language acquisition.Das POSITIONSPAPIER vom Netzwerk- und Dialogforum Geflüchtete mit Behinderungen befasst sich mit Chancengleichheit durch strukturierte Identifizierung von schutzbedürftigen geflüchteten Menschen mit Behinderungen, Zugang zu Beratung und Versorgung, angemessener Unterbringung und Spracherwerb. The position paper describes the current situation for each of these categories and identifies specific solutions and proposals for action.